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I have been a #girlboss for many years…and recently took the leap from corporate executive to making my own dreams happen.  It’s a bit…exhilarating (petrifying), invigorating (terrifying), revitalizing, (intimidating).  But mostly it’s just EXCITING!  Mixing my executive knowledge with a newbie career to create a mix of “I’ve totally got this” to “I have no idea”.  It’s going to be an adventure!

Series: Kick-Starting Your Dream

The first steps are without a doubt the hardest.  And overcoming the question of  “Where do I start?” can be the first big challenge.  This is where I get to apply my knowledge from my corporate career to get my booty moving. An additional perk is sharing what I know with anyone that is not sure what to do with their awesome idea!

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So there you have it!  Would love it if you would share any thoughts, questions, or suggestions for what you would like to know more about for starting your own business!

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