Hi!  My name is Kerri and at 40-something years old I decided to hit the reset on my life…because well, why not?  

Reset 1: After meeting and falling head over heels for an adorable French-Canadian I moved Quebec, Canada charmed by the idea of French accents (reality check: I knew approximately 2 French words) and cozy, snowy winters (reality check: who knew it could be so cold) snuggled by the fire after a long day of ski (reality check: I didn’t ski).  

Reset 2: Shortly after becoming a US expat and after 20+ years in corporate America, I realized that there just might be more to life than the 24/7 stressful world of budgets, strategic visions, financial goals, and on and on.  My life was passing me by in warp speed and quite frankly it wasn’t creating the story I wanted to tell at the end of my life.  So after a few years of contemplation I decided to go for it.  

So here I am and I can’t say I had my “reset plan” in place.  Because, well,  I didn’t have time in my former life to even think about it.  So with the support of my amazing hubby and family I took a leap of faith.  And I am figuring it out on the fly and tackling all those things on my “one day list”.

And now…it’s life part 2.  And for the first time in my life I am creating my plan day-by-day (confession: I am a complete type-A personality).  And wow, is it ever an adventure!