On the Move: Quebec to Vancouver

When you get married in a Quebec courthouse you have a marriage contract, not marriage vows.  This has been a running joke between us, particularly when we want the other to do something.  For example: When I am thirsty during the night and don’t want to go down the stairs I will say “Article XVII says that you have to get me water in the middle of the night”.

I am pretty sure that there was an article in our marriage contract about always looking for adventure and keeping the other on their toes.  Apparently, we took that article seriously because our journey has been full of bends in the road and surprises.  So in order to prevent life from becoming too routine…we are off again!

We are packing our cat and headed cross country to become “Vancouverians”!  This might be our biggest transformation yet…east coasters to west coasters!

After 19 years with the same company, Philippe was ready to shake things up a bit professionally.  It was a well thought out decision for him as he will miss his colleagues and the products he has put so much heart and soul into.    On the personal side, it is because of this company that we first met and made googly eyes at each other.  But one of my favorites to say is “it’s just time” (which before he would roll his eyes at me and say he didn’t know that meant).

As we have started telling people about our move most people laugh and say “really?” or “are you serious?”.  And then we get a few questions.  So I thought I would compile a list of FAQ’s related to our move in case you are curious.

FAQ’s: Moving to Vancouver 

arrowQuestion: But you just bought rental chalets in Quebec and we were planning to come visit!!  What are you going to do with them?

No worries, we are keeping at least 2 of our chalets!  In fact, our own chalet that we renovated 2 years ago is going to join the line up of rentals.  I will be working on getting them ready in May, so please still come visit!  (If you happened to miss the earlier post about our rental chalet venture, you can check out this post)

arrowQuestion: But what is going to happen to your amazing orange cat, Pepin (commonly referred to as “His Royal Orangeness”)?

Oh, he is definitely coming.  However, transport will be a delicate issue since he is rather anti-social and gets queazy when traveling.  We will be consulting with a professional (counseling for him, tranquilizers for us) for help before boarding the plane with him.  That should be a life-altering experience.  Once in Vancouver, my hope is that he will adapt to city life by allowing himself to be taken on walks on a leash (that will never happen).

arrowQuestion: Are you doing another road trip with a Uhaul like you did when you moved from Atlanta to Quebec?

We contemplated it…for a hot second.  Until reality set in:

  • First, we read a suggested itinerary for an east to west coast Canadian road trip.  And it said “Grand idea!”…as long as you cut out the section between Toronto and Calgary (which takes up 4 days out of the 6-day drive).  Apparently, the scenery does not change much.
  • In addition, if we think a 5-hour flight with the cat would be rough…imagine the logistics of cat transport in a Uhaul!  Instead, it seems to be a better idea to delight TSA and our fellow air passengers by giving them the privilege of his company on a flight.
  • And finally, on the Atlanta -> Quebec road trip there is that moment that will forever be referred to as “The Starbucks Incident” that almost led to us receiving a lifetime ban from any of their coffee shops.

Bottom line: No road trip.

arrowQuestion: So why Vancouver?

The job that Philippe is taking is there.  But more importantly: less snow, fewer days of sub-zero temps, ocean + mountains, proximity to lots of wine country options, whale watching.  Shall I continue?

arrowQuestion: Is Vancouver as amazing as I hear?

Not sure as I have never been.  But it seems to be pretty cool so I will keep you posted (as I said, I like an adventure).  However, it is near the MTB capital of the world (so I am told) so Philippe thinks we are getting an early transfer to heaven.  Pretty sure we will be regular visitors to the ER.

arrowQuestion: What does your family think of you moving cross country?

Initially not much (for those of you that don’t know I am super close to my family), but with some convincing on the benefits (see the question ” So Why Vancouver” above) they are warming up to it.  “Next to wine country” pretty much sold them.

arrowQuestion: You guys seem to always be making a change or on the move.  Don’t you have any anxiety or nervous about this change?

Oh that is definitely a yes!  Every single adventure (we prefer this term to change) brings about some anxiety.  Especially this one since we love almost everything about where we currently live in Quebec (it’s seriously magical).  Even after going through our decision-making process to make the best possible choice based on the information we have at that moment (unfortunately that dang crystal ball of mine is STILL on backorder), we definitely get nervous.

But for us this is the bottom line: If we don’t try it we will never know and could miss out on something fantastic.  Even if it doesn’t work out exactly as we envisioned…well what’s the worst that can happen?  We will still land on our feet somehow, someway with some great stories to tell/remember.  Actually, for us, the worst thing that can happen is missing out on something great by not taking the risk.

arrowQuestion: Can I/we come visit?

Yes, definitely, and please!  I LOVE visitors and adventures with friends!

Our adventure starts May 2nd when we will head to Vancouver to check out places to live followed by a whirlwind of activity!  Follow along on my Instagram Stories as the adventure unfolds!

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14 thoughts on “On the Move: Quebec to Vancouver

      1. Omg it is now on repeat in my head along with “What.. tin roof …rusted..” enjoy that now Kerri and Stephanie!!! 😜


  1. Oh that so neat you’re moving to Vancouver! I’m excited for you and Philippe. I look forward to reading about this next adventure and hope I get the opportunity to rent one of your chalets one day!


  2. So excited for your next adventure…you guys are so open to embracing opportunities! Look forward to hearing more, and wishing you good luck with the cat…our cats do not love to travel but overall do well in the car. ..have not gotten to the walking on a leash stage either 🐈


    1. There is always a bit of finger crossing that goes along with the decision making process! But we are going for it, cause we figure even the worst that can happen is solvable! I hope I dont miss you next time I am in town!


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